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Sheila McCarthy is an acclaimed Canadian stage, film, and television who in her ongoing career has won two Gemini Awards, two Genie Awards, and two Dora Awards.
As the years tick by quicker than ever it seems the importance of preserving our Canadian past becomes more and more important. Generations of the future need to hear our stories of the past as the last war veterans come to the ends of their lives and aren't around to share their experiences anymore. What better way to keepsake our stories then by reading the beautiful letters written so long ago by the seemingly ordinary wife to her soldier husband? Or from the mother to her son so far away in the trenches? The ordinary becomes extraordinary when we hear their day to day goings on set against the dramatic backdrop of the war. The mundane news in these letters takes on a whole new and extremely moving testament to the time. It is crucial we hear these beautiful letters and treasure them. They reveal so much about who we were and who we are now. Reading these letters was a very emotional experience for me. I was honoured to take part in this wonderful preservation of moments in time we should never forget.


Sheila McCarthy Reads a 09/06/1918 Letter by Dennis, Wellington Murray and Margaret Munro from World War One collections. View full Letter
Sheila McCarthy Reads a 10/07/1916 Letter by Pye, Frank Cyril from World War One collections. View full Letter