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Date: November 19th 1916

Nov. 19th 1916

Dear Sade:

First of all my dear let me wish you all happiness both now and for the future. I heard first from mother and then from Grace that you were to be married on the 16th and so though I think you owe me a letter, its plainly my duty to write to you.

I don't know Hedley very well but please convey to him my sincere congratulations and tell him I think him a very lucky man to have secured you to look after him for the rest of his days.

The changes that have taken place in Musquodoboit since I came over here are certainly many. All the girls seem to have gotten married and most of the boys who seemed children are at the war. If the war lasts four more years, as I hear its going to, there will be no one left there that I know.

I saw Bill Hanna a few weeks ago on his way to England to take out a commission. He looked well but tired and I'm sure the change will do him a lot of good. He must be a relied to his mother to know that he's safe in England, for a time at least.

We have been quite busy at times, just now are getting a good many convoys of wounded. No matter how often they come through you never seem to get used to seeing them come all battered up.

I am on night duty, have been for over two weeks, so have only about 12 more nights to put in. Am having a rest from the ward as I hold the very responsible position of night [?]. It isn't as important as it sounds though, I go about the wards and get a general report for the Matron and occasionally can be of some use to some of the girls who are busy.

Ada is still here with us looking awfully well but feeling a bit tired I think. she expects to go on leave about the first of the year and that will make her feel better.

What does your father think of you leaving him? I'm sure he'll miss you very much, but of course he couldn't expect to have to always with him.

I'm afraid Musq's choir will not come up to its standard now either. Who is to be soloist?

We have been having regular Canada weather here the past few days, cold and quite a bit of frost at nights. The worst thing about the weather here though is that it is never settled for more than a day or two at a time. We are all wonderfully healthy though in spite of it and one wouldn't think to look at us that we were on what we call "Active Service".

I have a ward to look after tonight as well as my other duties as I must go and see that the boys are sleeping. I'd love to hear from you whenever you feel like writing and again with all good wishes for you and yours.

I am lovingly your friend
[?] S.

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