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Date: December 17th 1915
W.A. Smith

The Canadian mail has just been distributed and letters and papers to hand, and I certainly appreciate them. We have just arrived back in our billet after having a bath. We all needed one. A hundred go in the baths at once, and then all issued clean underwear, new socks and new grey shirts. We all leave our dirty clothes there. Everything is run on a perfect system here. We get five minutes to undress, fifteen minutes in the bath, and ten minutes to dress, in this manner a great many men can bath the same day. This morning the officers of the 4th and 5th C.M.R. had a football match, the 5th winning by two to one. The 4th officers paraded onto the field first, in all kinds of burlesque outfits, and created quite a laugh; then the 5th paraded on; they also caused some amusement. It was a break in the hard daily routine and we all enjoyed the diversion. This last week we have been having rather easy, but we surely needed it after our strenuous time in the trenches. We go back in again shortly. It seems a funny coincidence, but Hallowe'en night I was on piquet all alone from 2 a.m. to 6 a.m. and I was thinking about the old boys in Colborne, wondering if they were doing the same old stunts on that night at home. There is joy all around the hayloft where we are to-night. Nearly everyone has a letter or parcel from home, and papers. All have a candle reading them. I also received the Colborne Express and appreciate it. I wish I could write you a descriptive account of our work here and the places we visit, but we are on our honor and cannot abuse the privilege of writing.