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Date: September 10th 1917

D Sir

I have your letter of Sep 10 & 11th & I am greatly obliged to you for this trouble you have taken in the matter.

In reference to the business I feel very disappointed that Mr Stewart will not take it or again at 20 Dol monthly as I am sure there is more in it. If you cannot get him to meet me half way & say 15 Dol will you kindly let it to him at 10 Dols monthly as his offer.

I intend coming out to Canada but I cannot see my way to come until next year.

In reference to the house & lot I will keep up my payments a you advise provided I am quite secured Will you please ascertain this for me as in the copy of agreement I have it appears the principal has to be paid off this November.

I would like to ask you if you would act for me in these business matters & let me send you the money to pay Mr Drake

Will you also please collect rent for the house & the business or see that Stewart pays it to Mr ______ as arranged with Jack.

I will willing pay you your charges for doing this for me as there Mr Stewart was to pay monthly rent to W. Sowuie [?] Rebuild you ascertain if he has paid regularly which amounts to 24 dollars

Dear Kathy

Above is a rough copy of what you want to tell Mr Sinclair if you think of asking him to act for you. You had better tell him the whole business if you do etc name of the person Stewart has to pay the rent to. Also ask him to find if the rent has been paid to date. Also tell him you will pay what he charges. I don't expect there will be much to you.

With love


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