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Date: February 12th 1915
Fred Walsh
Charles Stenner

The following is a very Interesting letter from Pte. Charles Stenner, late of Douro, to Mr. Fred Walsh, of Douro. Pte Stenner IS fighting in the trenches with the Princess Patricias.

270 P.P.C.L.I. No 1 Co., Canadian Expeditionary Force, Europe.

Dear Fred:
Having a bit of paper to spare, I thought I would drop you a line to say I am O.K. here so far, hoping all is the same with yourself and family. I was just thinking a game of checkers with you would go down fine for an hour or so. I have been sick for a day or so, but am fine now and expect to be back in the trenches with the boys again. I can't tell you where we are as I would like to. All I can say is we relieved a French regiment from the trenches. Say, they are trenches, too - knee deep in mud and water and dead bodies lying everywhere and impossible to bury them as they lie between us and the German trenches. Show yourself and you are as good as dead. We can't advance till our Artillery has driven their artillery from the woods on each side of us, which is hard to do. The weather is bad here and the country very flat, which makes the trenches fill up with water. It must be as hard for the Germans as with us, and that is one consolation. We are only 100 yds. from them and can hear them at night fixing up the damage our guns do in the daytime. We put the bullets to them and make them quit. I guess they wonder who we are, but they will know someday.
C. STENNER- Peterborough Examiner.