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No A10-769
D Company.
40th Battalion,

Dear Celia:-

I got your letter o.k. and answered it but forgot to mail it. Well to-day is Sunday and it is lazy day with a soldier. We have to get up, shine up all brass, polish our boots, shave, clean up our tent and go in open-air church parade. There was quite a brunch there this morning as there is a battalion of Highlanders and a battery of artillery here now. You talk about some music that I like to hear and that is the bag-pipe band. I was to a band concert they gave gave yesterday afternoon and it was something great. Of course we get the drill harder all the time to prepare for what is coming when we get in England. The most we get now is battalion and brigade drill and bayonet fighting. I suppose Janie will soon be married now. I would like to be there then. I have sent her a big picture of our company we had taken the other day. I am going to get my picture taken and framed and will send you one. I suppose Doris is over there now. Tell her to write as soon as she gets settled down.

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