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Date: May 18th 1916
Mr. Nesbith
N.E. Strickland

[Note on top of letter] After reading send [?] to Pauline to read - Keep the address to write to Norman. W.N.

32nd Bⁿ C.E.F.
Risborough Barracks
Shorncliffe Kent.
May. 18th 1916.

Dear Mr. Nesbith:-

Just the other day I heard that Miss Innes was ill. It is surely bad luck on you as well as Miss Innes as you must be more than busy with Major-General Sir Sam and no one I suppose could quite fill her shoes. Sir Sam reviewed the Canadian Troops in the Aldershot Command when I was at Bramshot with the 41st and gave a reception for the Officers after. There certainly is some difference between Officers and men on this side of the Ocean.

I have applied for permission to attend the Canadian Military School to quality as a combatant Officer but apparently my application is shelved. Anyway I am busy here now with two jobs Assistant Paymaster of this Battalion and Paymaster of Military School. They have moved me around a good deal. In January I was sent to the 11th, in February attached to the 32nd, in March sent to the 41st, in April brought back here and given the two appointments. Until the last move I was paid as lieutenant the reason given that I had no specific unit but I now am paid at Paymaster rates and getting more pay than I would have got for sometime in the legal profession. I seem to have made good too Sir as otherwise they would have kept me on lieutenants pay and been glad to let me go on this qualifying course

I want to go to France of course, and see what is really happening and perhaps my next move will be there.

The other day the Musketry Officer of the 6th Brigade was discussing the Ross Rifle and the Lee Enfield with an Imperial Army Officer who was taking a Musketry Officer Course. It seems that a short while ago the two rifles were tried out together under all kind of conditions and the Ross proves by far the better rifle. I suppose you have the figures long ere this but the men here certainly appreciate the Ross Rifle now.

Do you remember Mrs. Sundas who [?] types for Mr. Osler? She is in London and some time ago when I saw here we had a great talk about the Firm.

Rankin is at School I suppose and is looking forward to a summer at Kanousy's. I trust Mrs. Nesbeth and Mrs. Beattie are both well and enjoying the beautiful weather you must be having. Please remember me to Miss Innes. It would be fine if you were to come over this Summer.

We never have any news. The Papers are full of the Irish trouble and the rotten Government.

Yours very truly.
N. E. Strickland Lt.

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