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Date: November 24th 1916
Sydney Reay

Things are just the same here as usual. A lot go sick every morning with colds and sore throat. The weather is very changeable, so I guess that is the cause. The last Cobourg draft are with us now. Twelve were picked out for signalers. Measles has broken out in camp and one hut is isolated and they cannot have it for three weeks. I sure am glad that I was not in it, I like being on parade much better than in the mess room, for it makes me feel stronger and healthier. A draft has been picked out for France and from the Cobourg boys are going 'Stoney' Thompson, Huycke, Niles, Morris. I was also picked out but only as a waiting man. That was in case any of the others did not pass the doctor. However, all passed, so I am left for the next draft. The boys expect to leave very soon now.

I got a lovely parcel from the Cobourg Methodist Church and it sure was appreciated very much. The contents were fine and will come in quite handy, although the eatables have long since gone down the 'Downward path.'

We got no leave at Christmas because so many are coming from France and believe me they deserve it most. There was a concert in the Y.M.C.A. on Friday night and the Mayor of Bury took the chair, and at the close gave a little speech and said 'Remember boys, fear God, honor the King, and hate a German as you do the Devil.' He also praised the Anzacs sky high but never mentioned the Canucks. Quite an oversight, don't you think? I wish I could be home for Christmas this year but of course that is impossible, but hope it isn't next year. Well, I will close now hoping all are in the best of health and wishing you a merry Christmas and a prosperous new year.