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Date: August 6th 1915
Mrs. R.J. Craig
Cecil Peterson

Mrs. RJ. Craig has received following interesting letter from Lieut. Cecil Peterson:

Folkestone, July 20th, 1915.

My Dear Mrs. Craig:
When I got back from church on Sunday morning I found a letter awaiting me from Stuart saying he was in London. I got leave at once and went up Sunday afternoon to see him and was most agreeably surprised and delighted with his condition. He was sitting up in bed with a big broad smile. He had been up that afternoon. He was a little weak on his feet from staying in bed, but when I saw him on Monday he was up and fit as a fiddle. Of course he will have to be careful for a time, but he certainly is coming along in fine style, Kelly, who was another sub-altern, was there too, and is an awful decent chap. They are in a fine place and have the best of everything. They told me that when the King visited the hospital, he talked for half an hour with Stuart and take it from me, I bet Stuart could entertain him with some of the best originality that ever came to Kingly ears. He is just the same and gamely to the core. He keeps the others always in good spirits and everyone knows him. He and Kelly had their guns within seventy-five yards of the enemy. They took them apart and took them up to the trenches in the night and next morning opened on them and certainly must have made things tell. Stuart got two of their machine guns and Kelly got another. It must have been great sport and Stuart got all the enjoyment possible out of it before they got to him. Stuart is coming down to see us before long and all of the Cobourg bunch. I went up to see Harold Snelgrove but he was out motoring, and I did not see him. They said, however, that he would be going home before long.

Everything here is running as usual. We are working hard and everyone keeping in the best of health. Angus seems to be getting fatter every day and is having the time of his life. We have an ideal camp although things are none too pleasant when it rains, and the tent leaks, but such are the joys of a soldier's life. Dick Turpin was with us for a few days. We had a big review last Saturday morning for the Premier and General Hughes. This was our first one and it certainly was a great sight.

I expect to see Stuart again before long. He will be up and around all right I should think in a few days and then with a little rest he will be as good as ever. He looks fine, if anything a little stouter than when he left last August.
Sincerely, CECIL.
Lieut., 2nd Heavy Battery and Ammunition column, 2nd Canadian Division, Shornecliffe.