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Date: November 18th 1943
Frankensteen (brother)


Dear Frankensteen:

I received your letter about two weeks ago but up to now I have had very little time to answer it. Well anyhow here goes. So you aren't in Mrs. Allans room after all which is too bad because she is really a good teacher. Too bad you can't handle all the homework maybe I will be able to help you with it when I get home again. I don't know what kind flax it would be that you found out at the sand pits but I don't imagine that it was worth keeping. Tell that old man of ours to pull the bean and answer my letters. I received two very nice parcels yesterday, one of them had a crock of whiskey in it. I haven't opened it yet as I am trying to save it for Xmas if I can. I must write a long letter to mother and Aunt Grace and thank them for then. To bad that Leonard was posted so far from home but at least he isn't as far away as Melville and I are. Maybe he will get home for Christmas or New Years which is more than I can. I suppose since you seem to be getting quite a guy now that you will be asking Dad for the car pretty soon and be taking the girls out for a ride. Well just don't use up all the gas coupons save them for Cecil as he must be in great need of them. I suppose that ice-skating has started there by now and that you belong to some team. Lets see you put up a better show than you did last year. I haven't been ice-skating yet but the weather is sure cold enough for it. I went roller-skating in Leeds on my last leave but it was nothing like the old arena. I had a good time even though even if I did wear out the seat of pants. How is your hut coming along, you should have it finished by now I should think. How are you going to keep it warm in the winter time? I suppose Victor is in it half the time trying to help but mostly getting in the road of everybody. Well Franky I have been out of news for now so maybe I had better close for now. In case this reaches you before Christmas I will wish a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year.

Your brother