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Date: June 11th 1944

June 11th 1944

Another warning-no news again, but must get another letter away to let you know I'm still kicking and tonight feeling wonderful for no special reason.

As you can see it's Sunday night and has been nasty all day, raining off and on and generally being nuisance. As usual we had classes and carried on with the boring ground school.

I don't know whether I told you or not, but the syllabus has been changed, and we'll be finished a week from next Wednesday, and then we'll really start flying in earnest. I certainly hope by that time that the weather clears so we can get cracking right through. As it is, the weather this past week has been really bad, and a lot of flying has had to be cancelled.

Of course the pilots are continually practicing, and I think Larry will solo this week sometime. Gosh, he's a swell kid. I couldn't have picked a better crew if I'd had all Canada to choose from.

Yesterday we got off rather early, so rushed back to our huts, got changed and went into town to the dance. We all had a lot of fun, and I really enjoyed it thoroughly. The orchestra wasn't bad, but you know what you can expect in a small town (It's about the size of Orangeville). The last bus back to camp leaves at 10 P.M., and as we were just in the midst of a good time, missed it, so had to take a taxi back. At that time they know there's only two ways back-ride or walk, and since it's quite a walk they charge you exorbitant prices. It amounts to about $2.75 apiece, so you can see we don't do that very often.

A week from today is our day off, so we're going to get away from here. It'll be the first break we've had in about two months, so I expect Saturday night we'll go into town, get a room, go to the dance, and stay in town. Sunday, I hope we'll be able to go to church.
Don and I were just talking about it today. We haven't gone since the week before Easter, and we're beginning to feel (not act) like heathens.

We didn't get back until quite late last night, so this morning's 8 o'clock parade has been dispensed with, so now we don't have to get there until 8:45, which helps a lot. It's surprising what another ¾ of an hour in bed can do.

I'm sitting here writing, nibbling on a chocolate I received from Mr. Murphy. I think I told you about that. I noticed my name is up on the list today for another overseas parcel. It wasn't put up until quite late, so I have to wait in suspense until tomorrow noon. I can hardly wait to see what it is. Everyone in the crew except Van got a parcel today, and things seem to come through here a lot better than normally. I haven't received any mail though for about a week. I suppose though if I'd write a few myself I'd get a few back. I hope you send Mrs. Allen's address along though. I sent a surface card c/o Kodak, but I don't know whether that would get them or not. There's a hundred and one letters I should write, but you know me, always putting it off and they never do go. I didn't get last months ration of airmail , so Van gave me a bunch. He received a bunch by surface mail from his girlfriend, so he can keep me supplied until a bunch arrive.

The food here is really improving considerably, and our mess bills have been reduced, so that's something.

In the new course that arrived last week, there's a sgt. nav. who was in reception wing, Manning with me. Not bad, eh?

Well, must sign off for now and apologize for the rambling. Will send a picture of the crew as soon as we get one. In the next parcel I wish you'd send those 620 films. I think that's about all I need. Write real soon and take care of yourselves.