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Date: April 24th 1944

April 24 1944

Dear Folks:

I suppose you have been wondering just what's happened to my letter writing. Well the only thing I can do is offer two excuses. 1st (and foremost), we're allowed six of these forms a month, and 2nd , we're back on course; and when we're not at classes we're' flying, and when we're not flying we're studying.

I never in my life dreamed there was so much navigation left to learn, and really it's wonderful. We're learning to operate all kinds of secret devices for navigation that the ordinary person will read about but never see, so you can imagine just how interesting the whole thing is.

We flew today- one of the nicest trips you would ever hope for. The only drawback was the weather. It was quite cloudy and bumpy, and we had to fly thru' three rain storms.

I don't know whether my last letter got there or not, but in it I told you where I was stationed. We were told by the adjutant that we could say , but later, after everyone had written, we were told not to mention ; but we can say we're in Caernarvonshire or Caernarvon in North Wales.

Today's trip took us over the Irish Sea, Isle of Man, over Northern Ireland, From there I could see Belfast and the Isle of Anglesey and back to base. I'm afraid you're going to have to get an Atlas to find those places, but anyway I was quite thrilled, but yet nervous since it was the first time in the air since last Nov. and you do forget a lot of the natural procedure.

Bud Rimmer is here. I guess I told you that, and he makes his first trip tomorrow, so he's kind of excited himself tonight. Yesterday, Sunday, we worked all day just like an ordinary day; but tomorrow's our day off, so I intend to go into town and have my hair cut, etc. I hope they don't think I want it curled, because all barbershops over here are called "hairdressers", and they could easily mistake me with the length of my hair.

I've received five letters since coming here, two direct airmail and three readdressed from Lachine. I got the Mar 7th today and a couple of days ago the March 10th one, so you see you can easily receive them out of order.

I didn't wire you on your anniversary because I thought the day might go a lot better, but I was thinking about you. I do hope you had a nice celebration; but write and tell me all about it.

I haven't received any parcels yet, but they usually take up to two or more months getting over. They rate letters a higher priority than parcels, and I can easily understand why, but they should come along one of these days.

I suppose Skipper's quite a big boy now. Just be careful he doesn't learn any bad words, because you know it would be quite shocking, and after all I don't want to come home to a poolroom hound.

Martin MacD. went into the hospital with pleurisy the day after we arrived, but Ray and I are pretty well over our colds and feeling much better; but down by the coast, here, it's quite cool and damp in the evenings, and since fires are prohibited, it's really quite cool in Barracks.

Well, before I sign off, there's a few things I need-a comb, some H.B. & 1H pencils and a decent sharpener, as there's absolutely none in country. As far as food's concerned, I'd appreciate anything now.

Well, must sign off, but reminding you to take care of yourself & and write a line often.

Love, as ever