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Date: April 10th 1944

April 10 1944

Dear Folks:

Here we are again with no news, but lots of time to spend. Reason-we're on fire watch which is certainly a most boring job.

It's only past ten and I'm really beginning to feel awfully sleepy already, and I'll probably get about two hours all night. There are two of us on together so that makes it a little better and not quite so tiring. We have all the early calls to make and there are at least six from 5 to 6:30. They'll probably have to call us. Oh well, there's one consolation.

They'll serve us tea a little later and the way they make it is amazing. I'm afraid I'm becoming quite a sugar granny and will probably bring the habit of afternoon teas back with me.

We didn't do a thing today except plot all morning and had parachute drill this afternoon. I thoroughly enjoyed it, probably because we got off at 3:30; so I had a bath and a small snooze before supper which was nothing special: potatoes, roast beef, gravy, greens, rhubarb pie with a tasteless cream sauce.

I forgot to tell you that in the last lot of fellows arriving there was quite a number I knew-mostly fellows I had gone through with, and a couple from Mt. Dennis.

I see there's a new Victory Loan starting again. I bought a $150 one to be taken out of my pay over here, so that's another way to save money. I made it payable to you, Mum, just so that if anything did happen it could be collected with nothing taken off and no questions asked.

We went to a show down here tonight- "No Time for Love", and it wasn't too bad at all- plenty of laughs.

It was really funny today, Everyone got mail today. I missed out, but Don got three and he was really happy-for a moment. On opening them, they were all religious folders and typewritten form letters, so you can imagine his disappointment. He received a parcel a couple of days ago forwarded from Lachine with cookies and chocolate bars. Boy, it was really a treat and so unexpected. It usually takes anywhere from 3 to 6 weeks for a parcel. But boy, they are worth double the time.

Well, I suppose this will be a partial holiday for you. I can just see dozens of hot cross buns covered with butter and strawberry jam- yum, yum. Oh well, maybe next year.

We have a wee pooch in the next room to ours, and he reminds me a lot of Skipper, but he's not nearly so cute. Don't forget to let me know how is, and send a picture if possible. Must sign off now. Take care of yourselves and write often.