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Date: April 1st 1944

April 1 1944

Well here it is April Fool's day, and at present it's raining and very bleak outside although it has been really pleasant all week.

We are at present in dispatch wing which really consists of a complete week of sports. It's really a wonderful set up because you can play whatever game you want & as often as you want. They have taken over a golf course, tennis courts, riding schools and a complete sports park for baseball, softball, football and any other outdoor sport you can think of. They also have a huge indoor swimming pool and gym so you can imagine what a stren-u-ous week it has been. It's really been wonderful. We've done everything and intend going golfing tomorrow afternoon.

Yesterday Don, Ray, Tommy and I went out to the tennis courts & played all afternoon, and today I'm beginning to feel a little bit stiff as you can imagine. We played about 6 sets & boy! that's tough when you're not used to it.

The golfing is rather poor though, because the balls they give you are all chewed up, & some have only half the skin on them; but we have a lot of fun anyway. I don't know whether I told you, we're all in the same room in that hotel I mentioned in the first letter. The surroundings are really grand, and our window looks out over the water, so the waves at night really sing you to sleep, and I really mean sleep.

Ray went on sick parade this morning with a cold (which he probably got from me). I had a dandy the day after we landed, but I looked after it right away, and now I just have that little cough I always get; but with a bit more of this exercise & sun I should soon get rid of that too.

I've had quite a lot of laundry done over here, and besides being quite poor service, it's very expensive. So I guess I'll have to start doing my own. It's still funny dealing with this currency, which by the way goes very quickly. You only see two bills- a ten-shilling note and a pound. The cigarettes cost half a crown, 2 & 6, or about 60¢ for twenty, and are really lousy, & boy, I'm getting low-hint-hint.

You could also send, if you get the time, those golf balls and tees of mine in the bottom drawer in the tin box.

I suppose by now Herb has had his furlough & back again. I sure wish I had been there when he was home. You said something in your letter about Herb coming over. You certainly don't need to worry if he does, because it's really not a bad country, and it's certainly safe enough both coming and here. I've yet to hear a Jerry plane. They certainly must be plenty short. You can warn him not to expect good food & especially the coffee-mud & mustard they call it, but they really make good tea.

Yesterday Tommy had 6 meals but still stays thin.

Well I guess I'd better sign off and apologize for the rambling, but it's hard to write when you're doing as we are. Must go now and get some dinner. Write soon and often. Even a line helps. Take care and don't worry because we'll be here doing nothing for at least a month.

As Ever