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Date: July 5th 1944

July 5th 1944

Well, I'm afraid it's past time I got a letter off again, but this time I have absolutely no news whatsoever, so all I can do is just ramble on and hope you won't get too bored.

Today is supposed to be the last day for day flying in our course, and even though we are third highest in crews, we are still behind, but are scheduled to finish up today. Just as I expected though, it's overcast and the ceiling's about a thousand feet. Visibility's really lousy, so I'm afraid we've had it for today.

It's now 9:15, and a few of us are sitting around the crew room doing absolutely nothing. As yet I'm the only one of crew here. I guess the rest of the gang must have rolled over and went back to sleep after they took a look at the weather.

It's too bad I have a stomach, because I can't miss breakfast, and as for those parcels you've sent, well I'm always nibbling away at something. I'm afraid I've cultivated a bad sweet tooth. You remember I never ate many cream chocolates. Well now we're issued flying ration chocolate, and I just make a pig of myself. The meals the last few days have been rather good for a change, so I'm afraid I'm putting on a few pounds again, feeling fit as a fiddle and, for a change, am not browned off, however I don't know how long that will last.

We haven't flown a navigational exercise for more than a week, and it's surprising how quickly you slow up. I guess I'll have to get a bit of D.R. practice, or the next trip will be a shambles.

We'll be starting nights very shortly, and since it seems every night's overcast, the navigation will have to be bang on; however, with all the aids, overcast or not, you just can't get lost.

It came out of Training Wing orders today that we have to put up our "Spam" medal. That's the Canadian Overseas (Voluntary) Active Service ribbon. It's such a cheap looking affair though that no one wants to wear it. However, I suppose when we get back to Canada, we'll be more than proud to wear it. Over here though, practically every other one has a D.F.C. or some other gong.

As yet, my F.O. hasn't come through, but it's only a month overdue, so I won't worry until it come 4 or 5 months, and then I'll start complaining.

Larry went to the Adjutant about his commission, and was told to come back when we start nights, so that should be the end of this week or the start of next. I hope he gets it because as things stand, unless I go to their Barracks I don't see them from the time we leave flights until the next day. It would certainly be nice to have someone in the mess with me. When you're crewed up it makes an awful difference, though, because you all stick together. Ray and Tony and the rest all have their skippers with them, so I always feel as if I'm just tagging along. Oh, well, we just hope it won't be too long.
I don't know whether I told you I had a letter from Roxie or not, so I answered it yesterday, and also finished a letter to Mr. Murphy. I simply must get a letter off to the Lodge and the Red Cross, but it's hard enough to find enough to write home about that it would sound silly writing them half a page. However, it has to be done sooner or later.

Haven't heard from you for quite some time, but have received altogether now about 6 papers, and have picked up a little news you forgot to tell me.

I mentioned in the last letter that Ray had bought a little Scottie pup. It's really cute, but not half as cute as Skipper, but he too has those habits so unbecoming to the cleanliness and aroma of a house, and Ray is having a merry time chasing & cleaning. He is cute though, and has a pedigree a mile long. I'd put Skipper up against him any day though.

Well, here comes the end of the paper, so I must apologize again. Write real soon and don't work too hard.