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Date: June 7th 1944

June 7th 1944

Dear Folks:

Just wanted to get a few lines written before going out to a dance in the airman's mess, so if you notice a change, you'll understand. Ray's all set for bed, and here I am just going out. Oh, well, it's a change anyway. I expect our whole crew will be there, so we should have some fun.

Well, I suppose there's quite a lot of excitement over there right now. I've been thinking just how funny it really is. We hear the morning news while you're sleeping, and at noon hear the 7 o'clock news at home; so, you see, we heard about the invasion while you were catching your first sleep.

It's strange in the mess though. Everyone just stands around the radio & listens, and no one dares say a word; and there's such a strained, strange atmosphere about the whole thing. I guess we won't get into it though, worse luck, although there may be a few of the staff go if need be.

As yet, Larry hasn't soloed, and has quite a few more hours of dual instruction to go before he can go himself.

It seems an awfully big jump from flying old Ansons to these, and they're really lovely. There's more gadgets and equipment that we have to know all about that it just isn't funny; but it is thrilling. Bud will probably be able to tell you just what they're like. They're much bigger than I ever dreamed they were, and, in fact, seeing them side-by-side, I think they're much bigger than a Liberator.

So far, we've taken quite a lot of ground school, and the syllabus is being changed weekly. Yesterday it was changed again, so now we have another two weeks to go before we drop instructors. It seems funny, but by , we're supposed to know about 99% of navigation, excluding a few secret gadgets that we still haven't seen. However, I'm becoming more confident every day.

First of all it was our half-day off, the first part of which we spent in town on dinghy drill, which by now, as you can imagine, we are becoming quite efficient at. We finished early so went downtown, bought a few things, had dinner, went to a show, had supper, went to a dance and came home again. And secondly, I received a letter from you and a carton of cigarettes from Margie. I must write & thank her for them; but in the meantime tell her for me how they're appreciated. I understand there are another lot of overseas parcels for me, so maybe tomorrow I'll get another one. I hope…

Well, today's the day the Prydes are supposed to become three. It seems too bad, but things are so indefinite & Ray will worry until the word arrives. Here's hoping it's not too long.

I suppose by now the flowers are really coming right along & school will soon be over. I hope you have your window boxes as usual. It's so funny. The English Ivy grows wild over here. It's too bad I couldn't send you some.

Well will close for now. Take care of yourselves & don't work too hard. Say hello to Red and Skipper for me. So long for now.