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Date: May 19th 1944

May 19 1944

Hi Folks:

Back again after too long an absence, but still with little or no news. In fact it's been a very uneventful week, and we've been doing absolutely nothing, but happy about everything in particular.

I was especially happy today at noon when much to my joy and amazement I received four letters and a parcel. It was funny though. The parcel was the one you sent me in Lachine before I left-almost two and a half months old, but boy, did those cookies taste good anyway. I almost forgot the past tense, because they're practically all gone now. The letters were dated April 24th, May 2nd & 4th, and I received one from, of all people, Pat, so of course I got all the dirt. It was a nice newsy letter, and again very welcome as were they all.

We've been having a comparatively soft time but with quite a bit of flying, and, right now, in all I've just about half as much time as at A.O.S.; but I've enjoyed it and seem to be improving every time up.

All the other courses are being posted, so now we are the grandaddies of the station, and this morning at briefing we were given a real compliment; and besides, the pilots said it's a boost to their morale to be flying with us. They're always sure to get home, so you see we must be getting better.

I'm afraid this mess life is sending us all to the dogs. They have a billiard room in it, and every day we make a beeline for it for a game of skittles. It's something of a gambling pool game, but so far I've won about two shillings at it.

We've had several days off lately, but I've done absolutely nothing but take astro sights, have a bath and sleep the rest of the day.

Oh, I forgot to tell you we were posted to an O.T.U. It was funny, about a week and a half ago the flight commander read out four names of fellows who were recommended for pathfinders if there was a posting and, strangely enough, my name was among them; but then last Wednesday we were told we were having leave, so all made out leave forms and handed them in. Then, on Thursday, I'll be darned if a posting didn't come through, and no pathfinders wanted. So you can rest at ease. It's a dangerous job, but you have the tops in all equipment and crew. Advancement is really fast too, which reminds me we should be getting our F.O.s pretty soon. In fact, they're due next month. Imagine a Flying Officer. Sounds good, doesn't it?

Bud Rimmer was posted to Scotland last Tuesday. I was sorry that we couldn't have gotten into the same station and probably crewed up together, but Ray, Don, Tommy, George & I are still all together, so we're happy anyway.

Well enough of this trash and what I've been doing. Just what do you mean by spoiling my dog. He must be a big boy by now and should be able to take care of himself. Remember to keep a debit sheet for him, or take it out of my cheque.

By the way, how much have I now? I have quite a good-sized deposit over here, so may have it transferred back home.

Oh, before I close there's one thing I need really badly, and that's about a dozen really hard pencils 2H or more. So try & send them soon please.

Well the form says sign off so-so long or now. Write often and keep well.