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Date: April 7th 1944

April 7 1944

Hi Folks:

Back again, but with very little news at all this time, but just wanted you to know I'm still alive and kicking.

I received your letter today at noon, so it just took nine days to come over. In fact, just about all our gang got mail today, so there was a noticeable change in morale. It's surprising what a letter can do. Your letters are all uncensored, but as of today, all of our mail will be.

We haven't been doing a thing lately except go to school and boy, it's really tough trying to stay awake. I'm afraid I've slept through several lectures but the plotting is still O.K.

After school we usually make a dash for Lady Ryder's for tea and sandwiches, and then right back here for supper; so you see we don't exactly starve.

Wednesday night Don & I arranged to go out for supper. It was quite a distance to go and we managed to get off at the wrong stop; so after wandering through a maze of streets we finally found the right house. really gave us a grand dinner, and afterwards we had a sing-song (if you can imagine), played a few records and then walked home. Boy were we tired, but all together it was a grand evening.

The next night we went to see "His Brother's Sister", and it wasn't too bad, even if it cost us 85¢ a seat.

Tonight we're just having a quiet evening at home and we'll probably play bridge or whist later on.

You mentioned the Durant license, but I'm afraid I haven't got it. I thought Grandpa had it.

I'm so glad Whiffer's getting along so famously. Boy, how I'd love to see him. I hope he doesn't do too much damage, or I'm afraid I'm going to have an awful bill to pay when I get home.

You said that Herb and Paud had gone to Toronto for a couple of days. Is Herb on his furlough, and has he heard anything further about the show? I was glad to hear he's getting his "Initiation".

Well, I'm afraid that's about all for this time, but just wanted you to get a letter. Please use the same and write often, even if you have no news. I must get busy and write a few others. So long for now.


I hear the Leafs are out of it-let's hear who wins out & all about it. "Come on, Chicago".