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Date: July 2nd 1944

July 2nd, 1944

Dear Folks:

Well, here it is Sunday morning and everyone's sitting around the crew room, sleeping, playing cards, throwing darts & gabbing. Altogether it sounds like a madhouse.

We were scheduled to take off at 9, but as usual it's raining cats and dogs, and generally lousy, so I thought it was as good a time as any to get a few lines off.

The whole crew except myself (I missed the bus) went into town last night to a big dance and didn't get into until quite late. As a result, Larry's asleep on a table, Lyall, the A.C.'s under the table, the bombaimer Wally's asleep in the corner, and Van & Bob are stuffing their faces. They just got back from the naafi.

As I said before, we have a grand crew, and I'm beginning to feel about the weakest link. Gosh I've made some stupid mistakes since getting on the Wellingtons. It's altogether a different type of navigation so we're all finding it a bit tough, but I know I can cope, so I guess I'll just have to get cracking.

We had a Stirling here, so we all went through it, and although we don't and won't fly them, they're swell inside.

The other day on a cross country we hit a severe down current while at 16000' and dropped about 3000 in nothing flat. Imagine yourself in an elevator. Well that's about what happened. Everything left my table and I was about halfway to the roof. I couldn't find my protractor, but carried on with the trip anyway & stayed within 5 miles; but I got the devil for the trip anyway. They certainly expect you to perform miracles.

Well, enough about that now. Ray got word on the 27th that a baby girl arrived on the 23rd, and was he happy. He'd been worried for weeks. I bought a box of cigars in Lachine, and had kept them for that purpose, so we all had a real smoke.

Talking about smokes, I received a carton from the Lodge. So you see I'm being well looked after. I must get busy and acknowledge a few of those parcels, etc. Boy you have no idea how good it makes you feel. I used to read those letters saying that it makes you feel someone's thinking about you. Well it's quite true, and it does make you feel good. Saturday I got 6 Star & Videttes and read every bit of them, and got a lot of news out of them, even though they were a couple of months old.

Last night, after I missed the bus, I went back to Barracks, borrowed a bit of laundry soap & did a big washing: five shirts, a sweater, three or four pairs of socks and about 6 sets of shorts & shirts, but I guess they won't be dry for a week if this weather keeps up.

I wish you would send me some laundry soap, a towel and a pair of shorts & undershirt please. The laundry over here is lousy, and besides that they've lost about as much as I've sent in. That's why I've decided to do my own.

I had a nice long letter from Mrs. Allen yesterday and she gave me all the news down there. She handed my name in to their company, and she expects they'll send chocolates and cigarettes. I thought it was awfully good of her.

I don't know whether it's a slight cold or not, but they tell me I'm beginning to talk like an Englishman. Now won't that be just ducky if I come home with an Oxford accent. Heaven forbid that.

I haven't had any mail now for about a week, but should get some from you in the next batch. Haven't heard from Paud in ages (hint), but have such little news I just address all the letters home for everyone. Must sign off now. Write soon & stay well. How's Skipper?

Ray bought a Scottie pup.