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Date: April 28th 1944

April 28 1944

Dear Folks:

Well, here I am back again with very little news if any to tell you. We haven't been doing a darn thing except classes, fly, study, and then start all over again. After a while you start to get browned off, but after a while you see something new and interesting, and things sort of brighten up for a while.

I don't know why I feel this way tonight. Perhaps it's because we had a hard, bumpy trip today, with the outlook of two tomorrow, or whether it's just the weather. Could be because I haven't heard from home for a while-who knows?

Well, anyway, here it is Thursday night, 8:30, still daylight, and I'm ready for bed. I suppose you'll just be putting a batch of bread in the shop or getting supper ready.

We flew a trip inland today. Gosh it seems funny to be flying over England. We saw Coventry from the air, perhaps from the same angle some bloody German saw it. We flew over Stratford-on-Avon and lots more little places you've heard about.

I got a good report from the pilot, except that I forgot to give the safety heights. They're very keen about that here as rightly they should be. Sunday, an aircraft pranged (as they say) into a hill not very far from here and they're just bringing the five in here today-perhaps the cause of my depression.

Well, let's get off flying for a while, and on to a little of the happenings. Last Tuesday was our day off, so we all went to town for haircuts etc. When we got back it really looked as if everyone had their ears lowered about 2 inches including myself. When we were walking down the street, what should we see but lemons-practically a forgotten fruit in England, and the first we'd seen since Canada. Our mouths started to water, so in we went, bought 3 apiece for about 12¢, and ate them like oranges. Boy, were they bitter.

We got some pencils (very poor), a dozen thumbtacks per person and a few other small items like aspirin and ink iradicator. Then back home, & and I wrote you that night.

MacDonald is out of the hospital now and has been given a week's leave. That's kind of tough on him because he won't fly for a week after he gets back, and by that time we probably won't be here. I'm afraid he'll find it tough because he's a malingerer anyway, and the officers around here seem to have a marked dislike for Canadians. But we're having a good time amongst ourselves, and yet trying to be decent with them.

I haven't written anyone yet except the Murphys, but should catch up with a little correspondence one of these nights. I wish you'd get Allens' address for me if possible, and also send some of these forms if you can get them. I guess that's about all I can ask for this letter. It always seems I need something when I write. Surely one of these letters will be free of it.

Oh yes, have any checks come through yet, and also my Victory Loan? If so, stick 'em in the bank and let me know about how rich I am. I wish you would pay my insurance out of my account. That agreement was while I was in L.A.C.

Well, so long for now, take care of yourselves, and say hello to Skip for me. Write soon