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Date: April 4th 1944

Tuesday April 4/44
8 P.M. or 3 P. M
Hi Folks:

Well, here I am again with very little news, but if I ramble I'll probably end up filling this form. You should get some of them, as they're good and available to you.

I still haven't received any mail, but am waiting patiently. I just hope I don't get several in one day. If I do, I'll have to save the rest and open one a day. Ray got three letters from Kay yesterday. She told him you had been worried & had called.

I'm sorry I couldn't tell you I was going, but I thought it was best not to, because then you would have really worried, but now that I'm here safe and sound and happy we can forget that.

We started to school Monday, and immediately they handed us computers and all the instruments along with an exam paper. You can imagine just how rusty we all are and boy! Did we show it, but things come back remarkably quickly, so now we're getting back into the swing of things.

After school, we all make a dash for Lady Ryder's where we get tea and peanut butter & jam sandwiches free. She really does a wonderful job of keeping us happy and on the go. Sunday she arranged it for Tommy and I to go to a doctor's for supper. It really turned out lovely.

The conversation turned to what their impressions of Canada would be, and I was truly amazed. The younger girls pictured Canada as a very wooded country with log cabins and cowboys riding miles into town-a place where you had to go out and shoot your meal and cook it over a campfire. They had never heard of corn on the cob, but their mouth's watered (as did our own) when we told them what nice huge juicy steaks we have.

Sunday morning the clocks went on an hour, so we're on what they call "double summer time". Don and I went to church and walked into a Church of England. You know what the service is like. Well, Don and I spent the whole time trying to find the right place in the book. It was very funny, but we had a very inconspicuous seat at the back.

After church we dropped in at Cam's and found he was being posted to the north of Scotland the next day. I had a long talk with him before he left & had dinner with him.

Monday? I went downtown & bought myself a uniform £8 15s, so considering a pound is $4.47, and having paid $65 at home , I figure it's a good buy. That means I now have two dress uniforms and two battle dress, so that just about completes my wardrobe.

Tonight I was supposed to have been on fire piquet which consists of being stationed in one of the hotels all night. Two men are on duty in each and, after midnight, your shift is split; but you usually get about two hours sleep out of it. Luckily, being a "W" came in handy again. They stopped at "Watson, T.G". so I'm spared and can crawl into my own little bed.

I wrote Mr. Murphy the other day, but I've lost Mrs. Allen's address, so I wish you would get it for me if possible or have them write and give it to me.

It seems that every time I write I ask for something. This time it's a comb. Although I don't need it right away, you can't get any , so any time at all will do.

Well, see, I did it. Please write yourselves and let me know what's what, & how the Leafs are making out. Remember me to Red.

As ever