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[Undated Fragment of Letter Sent from Quebec]

We were put through partial documentation, signed a few papers and sat around looking at ourselves. We were free to come and go as we liked and so did just that. We saw all of Montreal, saw a couple of shows and really had a swell time.

Saturday noon we were placed on draft for officers' training corps, so Sunday at 9 A.M. We were paraded, baggage checked and left Lachine at 1:30 P.M. for Quebec City. Wow, what a place. It's nothing but a firetrap, a big four-storey Building. The rooms are only fair but there are no lockers in our room so we are almost as bad off as at Manning Pool. The food is good though. We have linen and Joe Boys waiting on the table. One I saw today was Harry Gray from Orangeville. He's Jenny Mottart's brother

Our course here will be about a month, but as yet nothing is definite. It is the first time this has been tried here in Canada and we are Course #1, so of course, we are in a sense, ourselves, Joe Boys. I understand we get 36 hour passes every weekend, but I'm, afraid I won't be able to get home. After it's over though we may get more leave, but no one knows. I'll enclose our timetable for this week so you can see just what we will be doing. They say it will amount to 52% P.T. and 48% admin. And others thrown in for good measure.

Our trip down here was quite uneventful. We talked for a while and then went to bed and woke up just before Montreal. Altogether it only seemed about an hour to get there. We haven't been told definitely, but I believe my new number is J39280, but as yet nothing has been mentioned. We haven't been payed yet, so we are all getting rather low and there is no sign of any until after this course, so if you get a wire don't be surprised.

We went uptown last night and it's really horrible. You couldn't believe it. No one knows what you're talking about. I was afraid I would be asked for a passport because it's just like another country.

All our gang is together again, so that is one consolation, but I must close now, but write real soon. My address is on the back. Don't work too hard or worry because really I never felt better.