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Date: November 1st 1941
Chief Peter Moses
Minister of Mines and Resources

Dear Chief Moses

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police have informed me that you have collected from the Indians at Old Crow, Yukon Territory, $393.00 for the relief of the homeless and orphan children of London, England.

This money the Mounted Police have sent to me in the form of a cheque and it is being forwarded to the High Commissioner for Great Britain with a request that it shall be used as you wish for the relief of the children who have lost their homes in the bombing of London.

This is a generous contribution from the Indians of Old Crow and a fine expression of sympathy towards those who have suffered greatly through the effects of the war. Your splendid gift is very much appreciated and on behalf of the Government of Canada I wish to thank

Peter Moses John Nukon John Kendi
John Charlie Paul Porcupine Paul George
Harry Healy Moses Tizya Old William Chitze
Abraham Tizya Philip Joseph John Thomas
Elias Kwatlatyi John Joseph Daniel Fredson
Lazarus Peter W.E. McCauley William Chitze
Charlie Peter Amos Paul Abel Chitze
Andrew Moses Peter Tizya Thomas Njootli
Charlie Abel W.E. Bayne Big Joe
Alfred Peter Peter Charlie Albert Abel
Johnny Moses Balem Jodhi A.E. Schaefer
Joe Netro Robert Bruce Frank E. Foster

and any others who may have contributed.

Yours very truly,

Minister of Mines and Resources