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Date: October 18th 1943

Dear Family

Back with the regiment after my course and very pleased too, to say nothing of being Captain again and technical adjutant.

I got a P1 on my course, which is top grade, which pleased me very much. My report hasn't come in yet but it should be good. So life at the moment is O.K.
The course ended up with a bunch of exams, which made the last week pretty hectic to say nothing of the fact that our chief instructor liked his beer very much, and we decided that maybe a few beers might make all the difference to our sports.

I arrived back at the re-inforcement unit and was immediately sent to Scotland on a job for them, in my newly acquired capacity as a technical adjutant, which was very pleasant, as it entailed a rather leisurely drive down South again in a damaged vehicle, so we had to take our time. Stopped in Manchester for the and saw the town under the wing of a police sergeant who certainly knew his way . The reason for this encounter was that the vehicle at the police station for , not because I ran foul of the law. arriving back at the unit I discovered they'd recomended my captaincy before I even which was pretty rapid work and it out on Wednesday.

The new job is very interesting, although theres a lot of organizing to be done, so I've been pretty busy. Lots of co-operation from the C.O. which is very helpful. Got your telegram today and a letter from Mum. Thank you. Oh and a swell box of Laura Secords and some cigarettes, for all of which, thank you very much.

For Xmas, may I suggest a shirt (15 ½) socks, handkerchiefs, shorts (32" waist). A propelling pencil a pocket-knife with a can opener on it There you are, take your pick. I've practically no idea what can be got these days. How about sock stretchers or a needle and thread outfit with batchelor buttons or something.

Well cheerio for now and love to all. Geoff