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Date: June 4th 1942

Dear John

Thanks for the letters, and excuse my correspondence, its not very good I know!
Glad to hear you're well again after you're scarlet fever, measles, etc. etc. You must have had quite a siege.

I've been on the Isle of Man for a while on an aircraft recognition course, which was a lot of fun. The course was very interesting, and we had a lot of fun at night too, which always helps.

I've been playing a lot of baseball lately. I first base on the platoon team
, and the officers team, and occasionally on the company team just to fill in. Havent played golf since my leave with the Colstons, when we played once. I can still hit my drives, but when I get around the green, boy does it stink! I went through Mr. Colstons factory, which was very interesting, he makes everything from soup to nuts.

Im in pretty good condition now. I'll bet I could run you off your feet. We go out on 5 mile runs all the time, run up cliffs, route march - everything. Just before the course I went on, the company, officers included marched 7-1/2 miles carrying 130 lbs of equipment, slept 8 hours and then marched all night, doing another 25 miles (without the equipment. How would you like that?

Well, cheerio, I've got to write about 3 more letters so I'll have to stop. Keep up the letters!