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Date: January 1942

Dear John

Thanks a lot for the shaving mirror John. Its a beauty, and right now its adorning the wall of a Nissen hut, out in the woods. Its the handiest one I've seen yet, to say nothing about the case. The initials were a good idea, because those things are liable to disappear.
We havent done much about winning the war yet, and we're getting a bit fed up with sitting around, however we'll have a chance at someone yet.

Havent been playing much baseball lately, its been too cold. However my platoon team hasn't been beaten yet. We have a pretty good team. I play 1st base at the moment.
Sorry this isn't a very interesting letter, but you know how it is. If theres nothing doing, there's nothing to write about.

Write me a letter now and again. Love Geoff