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Date: November 28th 1941

Dear Family

I think I'm in the middle of a writing streak that will break all records. Although I'd always thought I wrote quite often, all your letters say "please write more often". The trouble is that at the moment theres absolutely nothing to write about, believe it or not. I dont think you'd be very interested in a recital of my daily doings, which would consist chiefly of a list of training periods and lectures, some that I give and some that I receive. Sometimes I go up to town and do a round of the night-life, but thats terrifically expensive and not worth it. Last night I went to a nearby skating-rink (ice) with Tommy Trenholme and John Hanson which was very good fun. They have quite a few good rinks, but all the skaters wear fancy skates except the Canadians, who steam around on tubes, if we can get them. They have periods of "All Skate", "Dancing Only" (they call it dancing) and suchlike.

I played golf the other day with Colin Rankin & John Blue, for about the first time since June. The winter is the best time for golf. Not too cold, and not crowded on the course. I had a birdie 2 on one hole but the rest wasnt so hot.

We're all pretty fed up with the inactivity, but we're also very lucky too in some ways. We're pretty darn good now in every department of training, and I mean good. We can get better, naturally, but I think on the whole, the whole Canadian Corp is considered pretty hot stuff over here, and I think the RMR's are one of the crack units in the Corp. Nothing like blowing our own horns! Its getting a bit much, though, just sitting around in England.

I hear the Vic's are in Hong Kong. Most amazing! I dont think its any deep secret. I wonder how they'll like it there, probably better than Newfoundland at that.

Did you hear any trace of an English accent in my Xmas greetings over the radio.

I hope the Xmas presents arrive as per schedule. As a matter of fact, at this date, I havent ordered them yet, but owing to the time lag, they'll probably arrive before this letter.

Thats all for now. Love to all. Geoff. P.S. Merry Xmas and/or Happy New Year.