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Date: December 29th 1943

Dear Mum and Dad

As usual I did beautifully this Xmas, thanks to you both. The parcels were simply swell and to think I got them all. The big parcel, number 2 4 all got here a couple of days before Xmas they did me proud. Also one from Aunt Clare, Aunt Gertrude and Uncle Charlie, and Parke Stetham.

When I opened the big parcel the little were all over the place, but I think I got straight. The shirt is a peach, also the … gloves and socks. The two knives and pencil and are things you can't buy over here and been able to for a year, and I imagine the same holds true for Canada. Also please thank Santa for the garters, also an extreme rarity. The razor blades and other things too numerous to mention (Kleenex, boy!) were swell. In fact, a very beautiful Xmas parcel.

Sorry I'm writing in pencil, but my pen is at the office

My Xmas present to you wasn't thoughtlessness because I went to Birks and looked thru their catalogue and gave up. Then I went away on a special job for 3 weeks and only got back in time to send a rush cable. Glad Hairp got the wedding present.

Kay is just out of the hospital after having her tonsils out and will be back at work in a couple of days. I believe she wrote to you a couple of weeks ago and only hope she didn't write it on night duty. I used to get some amazing ones on course that she wrote at 5 a.m. on a plotting table. I know you'll like her, she's a very nice person. The divorce can't go through till 1945, unless an annullment can be fixed, which is a long way away these days. I'm spending leave in Liverpool in January to meet Major and Mrs. Marsh.

Well, cheerio and thanks for the swell Xmas parcels, all my love, Geoff.