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Date: May 6th 1943

Dear Family

Okay, okay, I know I'm a lousy correspondent, but I have been really busy this time.

I've started a school of aircraft recognition, in which I'm an expert, and boy, is there a lot of work in that. I think I mentioned I was on a R.A.F. course in it last spring, but this is the first chance I've had to use it. I had to do all the organizing myself, and even had to build myself an epidiascope or magic lantern to show photographs of planes. At the moment I'm taking twelve officers a week. This is all happening at the #1 Canadian Armoured Corp Reinforcement Unit where I am at the moment. As per your request, the job I'm doing is acting as second in command of our RMR reinforcement squadron there, for a four month period. But as being 2 i/c didn't amount to a job the way things are organized, I decided to earn my pay some other way. The aircraft recognition school is the result. The C.O. thinks the school idea a very good one, as it allows him to talk knowingly of his aircraft recognition wing to visiting generals.

When the squadron commander was on leave, I ran the squadron which was good fun, and good experience. A few more grey hairs were added to my head, but things went on.
I should be going back up to the unit in June, which I wont mind a bit. I'll lose my pip when I do, but I'll be learning something of our new job, which I'm not doing at the moment. The way things are going there probably won't be a promotion right away, but theres lots of time for that.

Met my old roommate from TCS, Don Summers in Leicester Square tube station the other day, didn't even recognize him. Also met young Phil Mackenzie in Aldershot. Also Hugh Powell somewhere or other.

Well, my notepaper is all used up, so I've got to quit.

Cheerio and love to all Geoff.

How about a letter, gang?