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Date: March 20th 1944

Dear family

I started to write to you a week ago but tore the letter up as there was nothing to talk about, believe it or not.

You've heard about the fate of the regiment. It was quite a blow to us, after 4 years, but we knew that some change was inevitable, although we certainly never expected to be broken up. I am now with the Canadian Grenadier Guards or the 22 Cdn Armoured Reg't (CGG). That was where I wanted to go, so I consider myself very lucky. I'm with them now, and they seem a very good bunch. 5 other of our officers are here and more in the immediate vicinity. My job isnt settled yet of course, but my third pip remains, being confirmed some months ago. You'll be interested to know that we weren't broken up on account of inefficiency, but for another reason which I can't go into here. The C.O. is now commanding regiment, a Montreal one also. The C.G.G.'s Montreal as you know, making me a of 3 messes in Montreal. If they do again to me I'm going to be very annoyed.

Kay wrote to you again a little while . I can see where I'll be spending some spare time on busses in future. Kay's brother is at Navy OCTU nearby, although I haven't met him set. Hes been at sea for quite awhile.

I imagine you'll get all the dope from the Ladies committee of the RMR's.

Theres a Charlie Cassels here (Capt). I seem to remember his name cropping up a lot in the family circle. Was he a pal of Helen O'Grady's?

By the way, how about a letter, Hairp. Havent heard from you since the wedding. I'd like to hear all about it.

Just received a pair of socks from Mrs. Marsh. Very nice of her. My mail wont be held up, I'm glad to say, its all arranged.

Well, cheerio for now, I'm going to study up on my tanks. Love to all, Geoff.