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Date: December 12th 1941

Dear Family

This one's going to be a bit short but I've been writing letters to Aunt Florence who has sent me a swell box of stuff, Uncle Charley who sent me cigarettes & the Shoreys who sent me cigarettes, and I've yet to write to the Hastings who also sent me a box. A very swell box arrived from Hairp about which I'll write a separate letter. And I just talked to Mr. Colston on the phone who said he had a present from Mum. So you can see I've been doing pretty well in parcels for Xmas.

I also have writers cramp!

Jan. 21, 1942
On opening my writing tablet I find I haven't written a letter since Dec. 12th which is a very bad state of affairs and I'm very sorry.

However, things have been happening a certain amount since then and I havent had a chance to write. We moved from our last location before Xmas to a new place out in the sticks and we're building our own camp here. It started in a fairly primitive state at first, as you can imagine, but we're pretty comfortable now. There's not much trouble to get into here, the nearest town is a pub and a cinema with a couple of houses, not much in the way of the gay life such as we were used to before.

Seeing as how I'm going to enclose individual letters (you lucky people) I think I'll conserve my energy for them. Cheerio Geoff