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Date: October 7th 1941

Dear Family

Surprise, surprise. Exactly one week after writing 2 letters, heres another one.
Nothing much has happened since the last, except that we recorded a bunch of Xmas greetings that will be broadcast over CBC just before Xmas. It was quite funny. Three fellows couldnt even croak a word when it was their turn. A fellow in another company fainted completely. I did alright except that I stuttered on my last word, and
then said the wrong word. For "again" read "soon. Someone took a snap of me in the act. Ill send it along when I get it. I got some cigarettes from Aunt Florence which were much appreciated. I just finished writing to thank her.

I've been racking my brains for something to send you for Xmas. The list at the moment stands as follows:- some black-out curtains; Stirrup Pump (for incendiaries); an old petrol coupon; Shelter lamp; Recipe for Woolton Pie; some woollen stockings (1 coupon); A book on Digging for Victory; A book on Vegetarianism; a book on "Coupon forgeing". That's about all that's for sale in the shops (stores).

One thing I'll be able to do at the end of this war is be a perfect hobo. Give me a blanket, a ground-sheet and a pocket-knife, and I could exist anywhere. You'd laugh to see us bed down for the night when theres a touch of rain in the air, on a scheme. This is almost every night, on a scheme! The most ingenious water-proof shelters are made out of anything handy. I find the driest place is under a truck, with my head under the differential. Most of the boys build lean-tos out of a tree and a ground-sheet . And you'd laugh to see me, who wouldn't look at a carrot, parsnip. dig into a stew, stewed tea and rice pudding. Stew for breakfast is quite something too!

Well, here comes the close of this interesting work of art.

The C.B.C. will notify you when the recording will be broadcast. I'll write again soon. Love to all Geoff