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Date: December 18th 1944
Mom - (Jessie Styles)
Jack Styles

426 Sqdn.

Dear Mom

Well here I am again. This is quite a place. At last we are out of Nisson huts. In fact it is swell. I just found something in my pad, a letter I wrote not long ago to you. some fun. I am sending it right away. Excuse me while I eat some sandwiches (midnight snack) Well, just had some sardine and lobster sandwiches, OK too.

By the way Ken Parker is here. He sure has settled down a lot. He is different.

I just got your letter of the fifth and you must be having a lot of fun. How you hide the papers from Jim I'll never know. Did you ever get paid for the last set of papers?

I hope Mil gets rid of that cast. Say hello for me will you? So my cards finally arrived did they? I sure had some fun sending a limited number. Oh well. This is going to be very short since I have to go to bed soon. Well solong for now Lots of love

Your loving son

P.S. Am sending a card I received the other day. I don’t think you knew Red. MacLaren. He’s from town. They sure got the cards out in a hurry

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