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Date: December 7th 1944
Mom - (Jessie Styles)
Jack Styles


Dear Mom:

Well, here I am again. I am writing this on the writing pad from Norma. I received your parcel last night and was it ever a honey. It was swell. I got two letters from you today.

I’m glad you feel alright after giving blood. I know you wanted to so much. Now you can feel better.

So Ed Scully is worried eh. Poor Ed. About that bond. It is supposed to go to you. However I believe that they are a bit slow in sending them so wait a while.

I’ll let you know as soon as the canned stuff arrives here. I am writing this on my knee (no shaky table this time)

There are a hell of a lot of interruptions tonight. By the way did I tell you who I met the other day on the station? Sammy Glass. He shure looks well.

I got a card from Helen Slater (pardon Hall) yesterday. My mail is starting to come in now. This is going to be a very short letter since there are a bunch standing around talking and I can’t concentrate at all. Joe and I are both trying to write but it isn’t much use so I will close this now and write you as soon as possible. Let me know when you get the pictures.

Your loving Son

P.S. Norma says the place looks swell now. Hope I can see it soon. Jack

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Original Scans