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Date: November 27th 1944
Mom - (Jessie Styles)
Jack Styles


Dear Mom:

Well here I am again. What a life. I am doing all right. Already I have received a parcel from the Red Shield and another from the church. They were swell. The one from the church had everything from cig’s to sardines including a can of plums.

I am enclosing a picture of a real a/c, passed by the censor. Jim can tell you quite a bit about it probably. They are a great kite to fly in believe me.

I still haven’t got any word from Teeter yet. He is worse at writing than I am. However I will probably get one soon I hope. We still haven’t received our crew pictures yet but we hope to soon.

So you got an enlargement of that picture from Nova Scotia eh. It is quite a picture I can tell you. Norma said (yes I got a letter from her) that I need a shave.

I couldn’t get any thing for you over here. You need coupons for practically everything so instead of getting you more flowers, I am asking you to buy yourself something from the money, also send the other something for me will you. You can get more than I can can’t you? I can’t think of much to say this time. We haven’t done anything exciting so I guess that this is going to be one of those very short letters. However, before I close, you must be having a lot of fun with the Zombies these days since they found out that they were coming over. How about some clippings on that eh.

Your loving son

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