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Date: August 21st 1944


Dear Mom:

Well here I am again. We lost our WAG today. He was put on charge for smoking on parade & so we will have to get another fellow. He was damn good too. How did the holidays go? I got another parcel of cigarettes from you but so far no more parcels . By the way send a can opener. We have to open any we get with knives pokers etc. I hope you had a good time at grandma's. I met a fellow here the other day whom I joined up with, he is going home soon. He had to bail out & broke both his ankles. They are weak now so they are sending him back. We still haven't got a picture of the crew so I guess that will have to wait now until we get a new W.A.G. I still haven't heard any more from Teeter. I wrote him & answered his letter so I guess he will answer soon. Is this ever a fine country. It is raining again. You know the rainy season. Maybe we will someday be able to find a place with only one rainy season. We call our mid-upper 5'2 of sunshine. What a kid. He celebrated his first year in the airforce yesterday & you thought I was fast. What a life! Boy have we got a good pilot. When he lands one of these crates you wouldn't know you were on the ground. We have a good crew alright. Well I guess I will have to go on parade now. Joe is sitting there with his coat on waiting for me. Give my love to Norma etc. & say hello to any of the gang who are still around there. By the way tell Alec that I will write him soon. Please write soon & give me all the "gen." Well Joe is still here waiting so I had better go. So long for now and please write soon. How is my mail coming through now.

Lots of love


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