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Date: August 3rd 1944
Mom - (Jessie Styles)
Jack Styles

Aug. 3. 44

Dear Mom:

Well, here I am again. What a life. I moved barracks the other day and am now sleeping in a single room with a bureau, table, chair etc. Some class I’d say. I have quite a bit of trouble writing you. Trying to figure out what I should say and what I shouldn’t say. I hope any censor hasn’t cut any of my letters to pieces. I have been having a field day lately. I got one of your parcels, (food) an ident. bracelet from Grandma, a pen from Edie (now lost but don’t tell her, I still have my own which was returned to me by an honest (repeat honest) man,) and 3 repeat 3 parcels of cig’s. One from you, one from Norma and one from Longueil. (I don’t know who sent them from there unless it was you on your holiday, or Marg.) If you sent them thanks, if someone else let me know so I can thank them. The cig’s came just in time I was nearly nuts with these English cig’s. I got a letter from Teeter the other day. I know where he is and answered it and hope to see him soon. He is a swell guy. We had a change in our crew. We lost Chuck our Bomb. Aimer and got Arlotte from Toronto. We went to Wolverhampton, near Birmingham for a forty eight not long ago and had quite a time. We were thoroughly brassed off and decided to drown our troubles. What a party. We ended up at a dance and had a swell time but as there is a blackout over here as you probably have heard we had to get a taxi to bring us home. The next day we started again and spent the night fairly sober at two dances. It was a funny thing, noone felt much like drinking the second night. Well now I guess I had better sign off now. I am sorry for having not written for a week or week and half but I am busy, studying etc. Well solong for now

Your loving son

P.S. Can you send me a couple of boxes of fairly hard pencils. The ones over here are lousy. Also some erasers.

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