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Date: June 23rd 1944

June 23 /44

Dear Mom:

Just received 3 letters from you. One was a birthday card, one an ordinary letter dated May 30 & the other one air mail dated June 12. I still don't know if you got any more than one letter from me or not. Too bad about Bert Hall not making the navy, he certainly has tried everything & if he isn't in it, it certainly isn't his fault. I met Cliff Slaughter on the street last night so we went out & had a private party, on the way we met Jack Hodder & a friend of mine who I joined up with. What a time! We are very browned off with sitting around here but what can we do? It doesn't matter much where you put the money, I probably won't need much of it. Give Norma my congrats will you. Boy oh boy, R.N. (& not Royal Navy) What was that about a new bed. Hurrah. I haven't got the letter with the details yet but congrats. Boy oh boy, have a good one for me when I get home. A lot of good Dot Woods RN does her, what with being married etc. So I am famous now eh? Name on the honour role etc. Boy here goes my chest buttons. So Bakers has folded up eh! I am not very fond of Beatties but I guess it will become the new hangout when we get back again. I would have liked to see Pappa short leading the navy, I bet it was good. By the way, send all the photos you can will you. I would like to get some new ones soon. I've practically worn out the ones I have. You mentioned that Basil is still missing, but which Basil. I guess I will get the gen on it when I get the rest of your letters. I guess it is Basil Poole, is it? Well I have to go on parade now so I will say so long for now my dear lots of love

Your loving son


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