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Date: June 7th 1944
Mom - (Jessie Styles)
Jack Styles

P/O JM Styles
June 7, 1944

Dear Mom,

Well by now you will have heard about the invasion. Boy oh boy what a life. The invasion starts and I am not even on course yet. Most of us are mad because we are starting to wonder if we will see action or not. I wonder? Personally, knowing what we still have to go through, I doubt it. Met Jack Hodder last night. He got here not long ago. Haven’t seen Cliff Slaughter if he is here. I hope he is so I can see him. I got a beautiful birthday present from you today, all your letters from the tenth of May until the 23rd including one airgraph, so you can see that airgraphs aren’t any faster. I don’t know when you will get this, what with the invasion etc. but I hope it will be soon. You say that you have only received one from me. You know I wrote many more than that. I hope that they catch up with you. I am glad you liked the flowers. How they got Jim on it I don’t know but you knew who they were from I’ll bet. As you can see your letters come in batches so I don’t get mail for a long time and then bingo, the Jackpot. Today I am 20 but it’s funny I don’t feel any older. (Ha Ha)

By the way did I tell you I had seen Godfrey Vaux or however you spell it and Jack Byrne here too. Old home week. Jack Robinson is still here too. I have to go on parade soon so I will have to go soon, some fun these parades. This english beer is horrible the fellows all want to give it back to the horses. However we can’t complain. Well I still haven’t seen the inside of a plane over here but I might sometime I hope. How is the station there. Well dear, I know you are probably thinking of me now on my birthday, so I can say

Lots of love
Your loving son
Jack. (not Jim!)

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