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Date: December 28th 1944
Mom - (Jessie Styles)
Jack Styles

426 Sqdn.

Dear Mom:

Well here I am again. I received about four letters, two packs of cigs and a parcel of gum (from Edie) today. More fun!!

We were at another station for Christmas and there were a gang of Auzzies there. They were a swell bunch, believe me. They sure tried to make our Christmas a good one.

You say that you have received no mail for three weeks. I don’t know what the holdup is but there certainly is one somewhere. I can’t figure it out. You say that Howie is almost finished. I hope that he doesn’t go to Burma. That would tough luck.

I hope your new coat is nice. I sure wish that I could see it on you. It will probably be swell since everything looks good on you. (that will cost you a quarter)

What kind of an outfit did you get for Norma? and does she like it?

I wish I could see that snow there, it really must be something, when they have to get all the kids out to clean it out. How deep is it anyway? How in hell do you get around if you can’t even dig the snow out. It must really be deep. They say that Toronto is really in a bad way. People dead etc. some fun. That must have really been a snow storm. I have been sitting here for about an hour trying to think of something to say but I guess it’s a dead loss. Before I write I think of lots to say, but when I write, well it’s different, I can’t think of anything. Therefore this is very short, will write soon,

Your loving son

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