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Date: November 18th 1944
Mom - (Jessie Styles)
Jack Styles

1666 H.C.U.

Dear Mom:

What a life. I was sitting here watching a gang playing poker. (By the way Jack Robinson was among the gang) when two letters arrived from you. One was written on Oct 10 and one on Nov 8. Nice steady mail service they have here. When you put that 1666 HCU on put it right in the address so they can see it. The Nov 8 one got here in ten days, pretty good. I got a parcel from you the other day with two pencils and erasers in it. Also some damn good cheese, choc. bars etc. Thanks a million. I guess that letter from the padre did scare you. I thought I warned you. He does it for all the guys. Tell Gert that I was into see him because he has a beautiful stove in his office and it is the warmest place in camp. You say Jack has been trying to see me, well I haven’t heard from him. However I haven’t written for a while, I lost his address. Some fun eh? I sent a bunch of Christmas cards out yesterday. However, I was writing away merrily filling them out  when I suddenly found that I only had one left. Some fun. I still had Grandma, Edie, and Gert to send one to. Well I sent one to both Grandma and Edie explaining what happened so now I still have to do something about Gert. We can hardly get the cards so I am going to try. If I can’t I’ll write her and explain. By the way the reading material in the parcel was good also the Echo. I got a box from the Red Shield which I have to acknowledge tonight or tomorrow. I’m glad Gert has given up her running. Tell her that for me. Also tell her quote “If you are fortunate enough to have a man chase you, what with the manpower shortage there is supposed to be, for heavens sakes don’t run. See what his intentions are then run!” I’m glad Nick’s leave helped his father so much, I bet the old man is so happy to have him home.

By the way, Jack Robinson is starting to change. He is with a crew now so I guess that that makes a big difference. Things are looking up. Just had an orange for supper. More fun. Well I had better go now. Solong for now

Your loving Son

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