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Date: September 17th 1944
Mom - (Jessie Styles)
Jack Styles


Dear Mom:

Well here I am at last. I’m sorry for not writing sooner but I have been so busy I have been going around in circles. We went into Stratford to see one of Shakespeare’s plays at the Memorial Theatre the other night. We saw “As You Like It” and strange to say we liked it. Had a good time at a dance last night. It was a forces dance and quite an affair. I still haven’t received the school paper. I got a parcel from Edie the other day and also some gum from you. By the way we could use some canned fruit etc now that you have a can opener. Please note that I said we. Whenever anyone in the crew gets a parcel the whole crew gangs up on him and there goes another parcel. But we all have fun anyway. I wish you could meet the crew. They are a swell bunch. Joe (the pilot) is a real gen boy. You can’t catch him on the questions on flying. He lands these big crates as if he were carrying eggs. Haven’t heard from Teeter lately but expect to soon I hope. Am going on leave so I will try to look him up and have a few beers (??) with him. How is Norma lately? Tell her to write will you. I will write some letters on leave but have to hold them until I am on a station again before I can mail them so there might be some delay. How do you like the war situation? I haven’t said much about it you know. I haven’t received the pictures taken in Midland, am still waiting for them. Cigarettes are coming through pretty well now. Say hello everyone for me will you. Tell Grandma I will write soon. We have been looking forward to this leave for quite a while and it promises to be quite a blow out. And how. Our little mid upper doesn’t drink so he will keep us in hand. I sure wish I could see you again soon. Maybe I will be able to. This war can’t last long. However when we get home there is going to be a big party. The crew is going to get together someplace and we expect to have a good time Well I better go now, so so long for now. I will write more often now you know, because we’ll be on leave for a while.

Your son

[postscript:] Have a beer for me will you. Your loving son Jack.

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