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Date: June 10th 1944
Mom - (Jessie Styles)
Jack Styles

P/O J.M. Styles
June 10/44

Dear Mom:

Well here I am again. I got your letter with Teeters picture in it. Thanks a million. I am sorry you aren’t receiving my mail. I am sending it to you regularly so I guess it will catch up to you one of these days. I have got all your letters up to May 23 I think. but it is funny that you didn’t get any of mine until then. So please don’t bawl me out for not writing because I am, regularly. Thanks for the family history, I hope it will come in useful. If Cliff has come over I haven’t seen him yet but he might be around somewhere. You say that it is cold over there, boy you should be here, it isn’t so cold as it is damp. No wonder Grandma and pa left this place. What a climate. Please don’t slow up on your letters, I love to get them even if I don’t get them regularly. I also got a letter from Mayme, she also bawled me out for not writing. Give her my love, and tell her I will write back soon as I can get stamps. Haven’t had any more word from Jack, but then I owe him a letter so I might get one soon I hope. How is Mil now. I was hoping that the operation would really fix her up. Maybe her other trouble was caused by the poison caused in her stomach. I wish I knew what holds up my mail so much, however it should get to you. If you see Howie Steele, give him my congrats etc. Boy I bet Mrs. Steele is a very proud mother now eh. Say hello to all those in the bank for me will you? As you know, I am not much at writing interesting letters but I sure try hard. I met Jack Hodder as I probably told you, also quite a few of our old I.T.S. gang. We are all getting together again. Well, so long for now, my dear.

Your loving son

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Original Scans