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Date: April 8th 1945

9 Wright Street
Saint John, N.B.

April 8th, 1945

Dear Bill,

How is the "Sahib" now? I hope your ankle if less painful by now. That is the first real accident you have had so far isn't it. It is Sunday afternoon, a fine day but very cool yet for April. Dad wrote you yesterday regular mail, so I won't try to finish this to-day. I can't understand why you haven't had mail before this. I wrote to Dorval also to England, but no doubt you have it by now. My helper went out with her husband and small son, so I am cooking the dinner. We have had one break in our long string of misfortunes, in that we have first class help for the smallest outlay yet. While food consumption is some what heavier the outlay ($2.00 per week) is light in comparison with ten or twelve, the regular wage for these times. The little boy is a "bottle neck" at times but I'm not saying one word in complaint, I consider we are too lucky. I've had my 43rd birthday and all of a sudden I feel old. I feel very well except for the veins and swelling in my legs. Getting down to scrub just about killed me.

Monday April 9th

Here I am again Bill. To-day is nice and fine. The fog is creeping in now. This morning I took Mary Kay to Dr. Hayes for her eye exercises. I think her eyes are improving and we are so thankful she doesn't have to wear glasses. This afternoon a parcel containing pillow cases arrived from Bill & Yvonne (parcel post) with a humorous birthday card. Yvonne had forgotten the 1st was my birthday. I wasn't expecting very much from anybody but I do hope that someday the extra expenses such as babies, eye treatments, etc. will stop so that at least our salary will be ours. Some day you and Yvonne will have a family of your own, then you will know just what it means. Don't get me wrong. A home without its children is pretty empty, and I wouldn't have it otherwise, but nevertheless the strain is there just the same.

Dad and I are working to-gether and making the best of things. We are quite resigned to everything. Outside of my age the chief problem is financial. It is hard to pay both doctor and hospital with our already overburdened salary. Such a thing must be done, though.

Wink should know any day now, what his future will be.

Hazel Johnston isn't here now. I started to charge her for her breakfasts (which she got free before) and she got an apartment. There is an example for you. I treated her like a queen, with extra meals, washing etc. I wasn't going to give her maid service for $5.00. I have a new girl coming next week for $6.00 for room and light breakfast and I may add her dinner (which she is very anxious to have) at a price. She is a technician at St. Joseph's hospital.

Do you remember George Banks who was with us a year ago New Years? He was the shorter of the two Airmen, we entertained. I had a letter from his mother, in Manchester, saying he was lost some weeks ago over the Irish Sea. His mother is heartbroken. The only other child in the home is a little three year old boy.

I hope your ankle if getting better Bill and that you will take care of your-self these days. We are hoping and pray-ing that you will be home again and take up where you left off. Out love is waiting for you as always and I hope you never forget your "Mum," what loves yo'. Bye now and the best of luck.