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Date: January 14th 1945

9 Wright Street
Saint John, N.B.

Jan. 14th.1945

Dear Bill:-

Here we are well started on the new year 1945 and to-day is the fifth anniversary of your wedding, in months, I mean. Brian went back to school on the 8th. but much to his delight, the furnace broke down, and outside of reporting for roll-call there has been no school all week. A new furnace is being installed over the weekend so the work should go right along now.

Last week was the coldest we have had in these parts for some years, but we managed to keep comfortable at "Steel Towers," thanks to Dad's good stoking. There has been a good blanket of snow, down, and that makes fun for the kiddies. Mary Kay loves to et out with her "snow snoot" and new red shovel.

Things are going along about as usual. Monday night Members of the family were invited over to the Scott's. Their tree was still standing and they had a very fine array of gifts. They are getting a break in that family, now that they are all grown up. They were asking kindly about you. Aunt May wished she could have seen you. They seem to like you very much. Why wouldn't they, say I. Aren't you my "Wee Whill"?

I had a letter from the "Island" this week. May tells me that Bob and Jennie now have their own apartment, which will be better for all concerned I should judge. They get along fine, but all young people should start out without any intrusions from their elders. We all had to learn in one way or another, and some of us are still learning. Whaddya know Dad and I went to see "Arsenic and old Lace" on Tuesday. I left Brian with Mary Kay at 5:30 P.M. so as to get into the Capitol on matinee prices. Hazel kept house! (I met her on Garden St. on the way.) She came home and had her supper with the kids, did the dishes too. Wasn't that a break?

She offered again last night, but I didn't feel like going out. I can get out with Mary Kay at any time providing it is fine, but getting out with "Young Odding" is a real treat. I was a bit disappointed in the above picture/ The humor was too overbalanced by gruesomeness to be enjoyed. If we could see more shows it would be O.K. but we like something to keep our "sperrits" up.

We are glad you and Yvonne have found such fair quarters. I suppose living conditions up there are much the same as here. It is fine to know that you can eat in, when you wish. It seems handy all round and I am presuming you get home every night as well. Yes Bill hope you get about eight weeks there and more if possible and I sincerely you enjoy every minute of the time.

We heard from Wink this past week. He had no great news except to say that the cheques were issued on the proper date etc. etc. and with lots of kind and understanding statements in it. No doubt you will hear from him shortleh.

You will be out of your teens on the 19th. Just an old man of twenty eh? Many happy returns Birdy from all of us. A nice parcel will be arriving one of these days for P.O. Steel.

Brian can't quite make up his mind whether to join the "Y" now or wait 'til fall. I had "Y" camp in mind for him this summer, where we can't go to the country. I don't mind staying in town but it will be tough for the kiddies. These stables behind us are not the choicest in mid-summer. To go to camp, he would have to join the "Y" first. Camp Pascolac is expensive too, but Brian could make it for a week or so by saving up. Then again he is young to be away from home and might get homesick. However, these are things which will smooth out in time. Just now, I live a day at a time, filling it with, the best I have to give, and one cannot do more.

I could feel a lot better than I do. It is hard getting started in the mornings with such poor underpinnings, but some of the nausea has left and that is something.

Brian is good at doing small things and it is great to have errands done. He is a cheerful little guy to have around and Mary Kay is a minimum of bother.

If you get many more innoculations you will be full of holes, but I guess you'll need them all, where you are going. (not the holes).

Brian marched off bright and early last Monday with the coconut under his arm, to show the teacher. She must know quite a lot of "brother Bill" by now.

Well Bill it is beddy-time and I must get a "beauty-sleep ahem!

Love and the best of luck to you. Keep a wee corner in your heart for,

Yer Maw.

"Write soon"



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