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Date: May 30th 1945

9 Wright St.
Saint John

May 30/45

Dear Bill-

We were very pleased to get your letter (#14) of May 17th--yesterday, and to learn that things were going pretty well with you. It certainly would make for better living conditions if you would stay put in one place long enough to have with you all your personal goods & Chattels ( in Latin I believe). You have certainly had our grand world's tour since you left your homeland. Your generation will know more about geography than your its fathers' ever could hope to. One of the few icasous I ever coveted money for was to be able to travel all over the world--at leisure.

Things go on at Steel Towers. I would not say well--but they go on. Help is the most pressing problem at present. Your mother is in no condition to work full time--she should be resting at least part of the day and all the evenings There is a discharged RCAF girl in the kitchen bedroom being rehabilitated I believe--who is supposed to be of some help around the house. She does some light work but unfortunately she is some seven months along the production line (without benefit of husband) and therefore can do no scrubbing or other floor duties. This is the first time your mother has been caught without fairly adequate help--Its a damn shame because being no longer young it is all the tougher an ordeal for her. I take what load I can on evenings and week-ends but I am afraid it is little enough--although more than most paterfamilias can or will do. In another year or two when some few thousand dames are let loose from their patriotic service (socalled) there will be a surplus of kitchen mechanics--but that is no answer to our present need.

We had Winton with us last week-end from Pennifield which place he was transferred to in May--I am not just clear as to what he is doing but he seems to feel he will be there for some months anyway. Personally I would have preferred his Chatham existence but he seemed not displeased with the change as perhaps you have gathered personal information does not exactly flow from the "Great Drink."

Brian is doing well at school and made honors (80 & over) in his musical efforts. He is a great little guy. So full of life and so Keyed-up all the time. This last is rather a handicap as it is very wearing on one to live at top speed continually. However he gets good care and should tame down a little as he grows older. He gets some swimming at the Y and by and large has a busy life. Y Camp is out for financial reasons. Mary Kay is very sweet and still rates Daddy her No 1 man--Her eyes still go astray at times--

Dr. Hayes was giving her some so called corrective eye muscle exercises at his office--They may have some merit. But had to be discontinued on account no one to take her there & back.

I have no family to call on and your mother's are no help (except Aunt Lil)--who quite unnecessarily makes herself a very hard worked woman. Keep your chest up and you chin in Bill and be sure and come back in one piece. (to h- with the medals).

The Big 3 balance stands at 100 per each. Five more raps will complete--Early in 1946--once or both of the large ones has to be started on. Bob Davidson was here for a week early in May-he spent all of it helping his folks move. Saw him for an hour the day he went back. Don't think he is worrying about his investment but I really don't know him well enough to be sure. He is another close mouthed guy. Solong for now--Bill--Take care of yourself. Love from home

Your Dad

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