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Date: December 7th 1944
Winton George Steel (brother)

December 7/44

Dear Bill:

Let it be known that your of the 17th., 28th and 3rd are here. As I have been most busy I have been unable to attend to you sooner, my apologies. I note the different hues you've been employing. I like to purple the best.

Yours of the 17th had certain portions removed neatly by a censor; the first time this has happened.

I was very pleased to receive your photographen; subject: "Activities of the Great Swinestein!" Imagine my surprise, when out of the murky depths of a pool of H 2O your noble head protrudeth in a Neptunian manner. These pictures are very good. Thanks very much.

Today I was over to the dentist. In about four minutes he had found a hole near the gum, drilled it and filled it. Rather a warm one.

It will be impossible for me to get home New Years. Xmas is what I'm slated for and in spite of my efforts, both overhand and underhand, I've been unable to change it. This is not so good as I want badly to see you in the near future. However, "C'est la stinking guerre!".

I am keeping up-to-date on the discharge situation and will not fail to make a move at the right time.

Mother bought her coat and had it altered.

Since then, letters were writ me and Mother by Yvonne of an unsympathetic nature! Temporarily, as I wrote Yvonne, Dad and Mother; I wish to remain more or less neutral as far as taking any stand goes. In the meantime, as "supervisor of Steel Towers' financial and personal relations" I've arranged to continue the cheque issue without the aid of your wife. I hope that this decision on my part will enable you to handle certain parts of this Novel Situation #2 as you see best, without influence on my part. I realize the position of all concerned and am interested in the happiness of all of us, also. I wish to make no remarks on this incident at this time. It has been handled for the present by myself, rather to your advantage. I wish people who know me would remember something before they start working on me. I KNOW THE SCORE.

Life goes on about as usual here. Last night I took the liberty of buying a few beers and drinking with my friends, tho; I can't afford it. Quite a time was had. Bibby was given some JAZZ .

I am still eating the occasional meal off my girlfriend, Lois. She is rather good-hearted. This helps make it all the more bearable, not that I don't think Chatham is a wonderful resort, you realize!

The ground is still bare here as we've had no snow to speak of. This condition will no doubt be looked after in the near future.

We have a new boss here, F/O Farrow, who seems not a bad fellow. SCAWTT is still with us and continues on with his usual behavior.

Write soon and let me know what the situation is,



P.S. Laylesse me, unwise woman; lest thou incurreth the wrath of one who makes effort to be understanding, namely your bro-in-law!!

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