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Date: October 17th 1944
Winton George Steel (brother)

AC, Steel, W.G.
Chatham, N.B.

October 17/44

Dear Bill,

Your Airmailstadt arrived yesterday and I am forthwith constructing an answer. I note from occasional remarks in your letters that the heat is noticeable down there. "OH! A POT OF PISS + ALL THAT ROT!"

Cheques have been issued by me to the first three of our creditors to be paid of in the settlement of a remarkable situation. Got Yvonne's deposit O.K.; she mailed the duplicate deposit to me with a note which I briefly answered recently.

A growth or sore of some sort is being built in the canal of my right ear which is baffling the DOC here. The passage is almost blocked; it is thought to be a boil. What a fuck of a place to have one.

Am paying regular attention to Lois, the present flame. I dine at her place occasionally. It helps keep me from becoming a solid piece of "Cheddar."

Laylease me, Jesusman; laymembah your pubic hairs!!

Glad to hear that the letters are finally rolling in.

This has been interrupted by a visit to the hospital with my ear. Also asked for a Wasserman. Do you remember Sgt. Steele ? He punctured both my arms looking for veins a total of five time and couldn't get trying for a blood sample and couldn't get any. So he gave up. I screamed; "IDIOTTEN!!" and left.

There has been no canteen for about a month and I am almost a total abstainer.

Do you get any grog down there? The natives surely make a brew of some sort don't they?

Things seem to be going along fine at home.

Will be writing trade test this week. It, if I get it, would be effective Jan 1st. I can use the dough. This business of living on 16¢ per mo. is a bit restrictive I find.

Ward off those small but mighty mosquitos as a bitten glans is no joke!

Is "Jeeter" with you?

Have done nothing about discharge but am bearing it in mind. This all for now, I think!



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