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Date: June 22nd 1944

Saint John

June 22/44

Dear Bill,

We were glad to have your letter and to learn that you had arrived safely and been duly received into the fold at No. 1 G.R.S. You must have had quite a trip--Thirteen hours is a long time to travel less than a hundred miles (per air). Your quarters will not be so much different from what you had been used to except as you have noted the mess and lounge. Did Winton show up for your train? I heard nothing after 9:20 am when he left my office to call at Aunt Belle's. His am appearance had all the ear marks of a preceeding hard night. However it may have been just his natural morning exhibit. It would appear you will have no use for small change in your jeans at your present location. This should help you to arrange and maintain a systematic financisl plan which should be based on a savings effort.

The weather has been miserable for a week--Rain & fog alternating it has been somewhat warmer tho.

Hazel moved into summer quarters on Monday--taking over Yvonne's room. If we have to have an intruder in the house Hazel is the kind to have. She is little trouble and at times quite helpful. You should have a good summer on P.E.I. It is a pretty spot and usually has human weather. There should be some good swimming not too far distant. I remember Ch'Town district better than S'side altho I stamped around both areas in my boyhood. Father was stationed in Pownal district where I was born and which area I do not know at all. He was also in Charg at Bedeque When I was running one of the Ch'Town banks. His Canadian wife--my step-mother came from Bedeque-Summerside area I think. Her maiden name was "Wright"--and that district is full of Wrights. Be sure and contact G.D. and Bob Steel. They will be pleased to hear from and see you. Trust your uniform has reached you and meets your exacting requirements. I think Brian was ashamed of your "Beethovian" ravings at his school.--He did not mention the disressing incident to his mother for some days, I have purposely waited to see what his reaction was. I think he resents any departure from decorous conduct in his school life--As uyou know however from your own later school antics--twill not always be so. Your mother is in town today or teeth and other business. She will probably be writing this weekend Poor Brian has been hoping you would e right back for a further leave. He has been rather lost since you 2 left. Solong for now.

Love from all.

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