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Date: May 10th 1943
Esther (sister) and Bill Collins


This is a big day in my air force life - 28 letters for me. I'm sorry I can't write a long letter in reply but airgraphs get there sooner by several months. I'm glad to hear that the young ladies Patricia and Marie Elizabeth are doing so well at Loretta. Of course I'd expect "Itchy" to goo goo her way into

anywhere. And with Patty acting as the reformer I guess you and Bill will have to watch your steps and make you go to mass every Sunday or else.

Congrats to Bill and his new job! I hope it's some trade that he likes because that makes the pay so much easier to take. With the situation in North Africa just about cleaned up I suppose I will be going on another holiday cruise to anywhere. You see if they are not going to send me home it doesn't make much difference where I get to. But I'll gladly leave the flies to the Egyptians here - although I wouldn't mind carting some of their warm weather along with me. And remember NO PARCELS PLEASE. All the parcels, cigarettes, etc. sent me since last November must be reported "missing in active service." Thanks anyhow.

So long. Love to the kids

And best to yourself and Bill,